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There are many ways by which you can buy targeted traffic to your website that converts. Some online firms that provide this service use pop up or banner advertisements that appear in several other links or partner networks of the provider. The banners and pop-ups can be a whole page or a half page, depending on the package purchased by the site owner. In some cases, a more specific strategy is used, like keyword traffic. In keyword traffic or keyword advertising, the buyer lists down different keywords or key phrases associated with his site’s products and services. Once an Internet user type in these words or phrases, the advertisement for the site will appear inviting the web surfer to visit the client’s site. There are also targeted advertisements that are geared towards particular locations or country. This works by asking the online researcher to identify his country or location when he visits affiliate websites and directories. The best source of traffic is a source where your ideal users hang out. If Nike wants to sell athletic shoes, they’re going to market them in gyms and fitness stores, on athletics forums, and through sponsoring marathons. They aren’t going to market them in the deli section of the supermarket, at a chocolate festival, or on the Weather Channel. It’s all about knowing your audience, knowing where they hang out, and reaching out to them there.

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Purchasing traffic can be a very risky venture. If you’re buying traffic from the wrong sources, you’re going to end up with a lot of visits from bots and from people well outside your potential demographics. It’s not different from ads or from Facebook, really. If you throw money out there, people will take it, and they won’t really care who you are because hey, free money. What you need to do is research the company you want to buy traffic from. We are not talking about social ads or PPC here, those are easier to deal with. We are talking about third party sellers who manage their own ad networks. You want to make sure they’re actually pulling in real people with real interests, people from the right demographics, people who can convert if you interest them enough. What this means is that you’re going to have to be skeptical and read a lot of reviews. Once you’ve found a company you think sells viable traffic, you should always start with a small plan and use a dedicated landing page you can track. Make sure the traffic is valid before you invest any more into a company.

As with any source of traffic, you need to monitor what it does. It doesn’t really matter where it comes from if it doesn’t convert. If it converts, you need to know where it came from and how to get more of it. Regardless of source, you need to adjust your marketing to scale up the effective sources and either change or dial back on the ineffective sources.


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